Our Mission


 The mission of Citizens of the World Crown Heights is to provide our diverse community of students with an intellectually challenging learning experience. As a collective community we create an environment that fosters the academic and social growth of each individual student.  Together, we inspire our students to discover and refine their individual voices, empowering each student to become a true citizen of the world.   


Aided by exceptional leadership and strong involvement from our parents, our student-centered learning model has been demonstrated to boost critical thinking and cognitive skills. We focus on providing interactive learning experiences for our students in a warm, joyful community with peers from all backgrounds; this approach helps prepare students not only to survive but also to thrive in college, in a diverse society, and in a global economy. We are preparing our students to emerge as a new generation of leaders – as trailblazers who are ready to tackle the future challenges in our world and surpass the conceived limitations of what students, communities, parents, and schools can achieve in the world.

Being part of one of the first national school networks with a commitment to economic and racial diversity, we are helping to guide the conversation about what an excellent education contains, requires, and accomplishes, while building a broader base of support for reform. We believe our schools’ success will inspire a renewed respect and support for public schools and the excellent education they can deliver to all students.