Writing instruction takes place during a structured Writing Workshop. Students learn to observe the world in and around them, and write drafts, revise, edit, and present polished and well-crafted pieces of writing. Writing instruction focuses students on the four different genres of writing: narrative, persuasive, informational and poetry and on the craft of writing. Students write every day, as part of the on-going process of creating authentic, meaningful writing. We encourage students to continue developing writing skills at home through the use of a writer’s notebook or journal. 


Curriculum: Teachers College Writing Project:
Purpose: Explicit modeling of writing across genres. Guided and independent practice. Reflection and feedback. 
Components: Mini-lesson, guided practice, independent practice, reflection/share.
Time Allocation: 20 – 30 minutes, five days/week.
Classroom Set-Up: Space for modeling and shared writing (whole group or parallel groups), space for independent writing, designated place for writing visuals and materials.